You have begun working for a new startup centered around a newapplication idea. A subscription, web

You have begun working for a new startup centered around a newapplication idea. A subscription, web based college registration system. Collegescan sign up for your service, upload their course schedule, and their student list.Students can then log in and schedule their semester. Your job is to design the system.Listed below are several requirements. You may have more after asking questions forclarity. – Each student can only see courses for colleges they’reregistered for. – Students can register for multiple courses each semester – The college or university can open registration for a semesterat any time – Registration can be opened or closed based on the year thestudents are (seniors, juniors, etc.) – Each course must have a limit to the number of students that canregister, but can have up to 5 students on a waitlist – Students can drop a ourse at any time durig the registrationperiod – A list of students for each course can be printed – Course information will include the course number, name,description, number of credits, instructor – Students will not be able to register for more than 18 creditsper semester – Administrators will have a different menu than the students,however since many administrators also take courses, they should still be able toregister for courses – Administrators will be able to upload course files, uploadstudent files, add a course manually, add a student manually, lock/allow a student fromregistering, lock/unlock a course from having students registering, print reports – Reports include course list, registered student list,unregistered student list, courses with waitlists The system is NOT to keep track of financial information. Courseand student registration information is automatically fed to the universityfinancial system every night at 3AM.

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