You are the Product Development Manager for Winton’s, a small but growing Australian food service… 1 answer below »

You are the Product Development Manager for Winton’s, a small but growing Australian food service company, sourcing Australian beef to produce traditional fast food products.
You have been asked to provide a written report on product concept (linked to primary research and analysis) to the CEO to assist the future expansion of the company in the Australian market. In addition to other Australian competitors, the Australian food service market (and fast food sector in particular) is characterised by intensive domestic competition.
Major overseas rivals, such as McDonald’s and Subway, hold dominant positions in the market. Winton’s is a proudly Australian owned and managed company with 20 directly – owned stores, and 34 franchise stores across the three major urban centres in Australia’s East, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane – Gold Coast. A previous opportunity analysis identified the possibility of moving to other urban centres in Australia (such as Adelaide and Perth), a gap in the market for fish –
based fast food products, and a rising demand for healthy fast food options. Following preliminary research, your product development team at Winton’s has decided to pursue options for innovative and unique healthy fast food products. Trends in Australian food service demonstrate that consumers are increasingly health conscious. This is presenting significant challenges to the fast food sector, which is experiencing a general decline in revenues.
Coinciding with the need for healthy alternatives, consumers are also concerned about the sustainability and origin (location and methods of production) of their produce.

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