Volkswagen emission scandal in America In the report, you should address the following points:… 1 answer below »

Assessment 2-Case Study (Individual) 40%
Ethical problems may have a profound influence on multinational companies’
overseas operations. In this assessment, you are required to analyze the following case
and write a report about the ethical issues faced by multinational firms.
The topic is:
Volkswagen emission scandal in America
In the report, you should address the following points:
? What is the ethical issue faced by Volkswagen?
? What are the consequences of the emission scandal?
? How did Volkswagen respond to the emission scandal? Do you think they
handled well at that time?
? If you were the manager of the company at that time, what alternative
strategies you might propose for dealing with such scandal?
? What are the major issues Volkswagen should be aware of to avoid the similar
problems happened in their future operation?
Your report should provide a PESTLE overview of Volkswagen’s home country
(Germany) and the host country (United States).
Also, you need to provide an overview of the organizational culture of Volkswagen.
The structure of your report can be as follows (this is just one example. You can have
your structure that you feel comfortable with as long as all the issues required have
been covered logically)
Introduction: Briefly states the overall background and the structure of the report.
Overview of the ethical issue: This could include some information such as the brief
introduction of the multinational firm (name, product offer and sales in the selected
country where the issue occurred), when and how the ethical issue happened, what are
the consequences of the ethical issue.
PESTLE analysis: Here, you will provide a PESTLE analysis of the two countries
(Germany vs the United States). The key here is to identify the similarities and
differences between the countries. This should not be a generic PESTLE. You need to
offer specific and relevant data or evidence to support your analysis.


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