Using excel, plot the excretion rates for urine, HCO3-, buffer-bound H+ and urine pH for each of… 1 answer below »

Assignment on the Acid Base Balance Experiment

1. Using excel, plot the excretion rates for urine, HCO3, buffer-bound H+ and urine pH for each of the four subject groups (ie water alone (control), NaHCO3, sodium citrate and NH4Cl). These graphs will have time as the X axis and the variables listed above on the Y axis. Include these four graphs. (10 marks)

These graphs are of the results of the subjects in your group but we will supply typical HCO3results.

2. For the ammonium chloride and bicarbonate treatment groups, explain the implications of your results (ie the combined class results) using flow charts of the negative feedback loops involved. These diagrams should include the initial changes in the pH and [HCO3] of the plasma and the response of the kidney to these changes in terms of increases or decreases of

* reabsorption of HCO3

* regeneration of HCO3

* excretion of HCO3

* excretion of buffer-bound H+

* pH of the urine (20 marks)

3. Data collected for a particular subject during the acid base experiment were

* time between urine collections = 30 min

* urine volume collected = 73 mL

* pH of urine = 7.12

* Buffer-bound H+ concentration = 4.5 µmol/mL

Calculate the

* urinary minute volume (urine flow rate)

* excretion rate of free H+ ions

* excretion rate of total H+ (free and bound) (5 marks)

4. Compare the excretion rate of free H+ ions and that for buffer-bound H+ and explain why the H+ excretion rate calculated from urine pH underestimates total H+ excretion. (5 marks)

Marks for this assignment 40; 11% of the total mark for BIOL3210

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