understanding of normalization


Watch this: 
http://hub2.devry.edu/node/1528 Normalization and Data Modification Anomalies….

Wait for it to load in the Hub 2.0 and then use the navigation icons located beneath it to move from one segment to the next.

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understanding of normalization
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If you have ever experienced a data modification anomaly, please describe what happened.

Our Lecture gives us a pretty good understanding of normalization. We know that normalization allows us to create smaller and more manageable tables. [It doesn’t have anything to do with the word “normal” as we usually think of “normalcy”, does it? “Where do they come up with these terms?” you may be asking yourself <smile>]

Let’s delve in further and discuss the different “normal forms” as they relate to database design (and remember – normal form is not referring to an odd-acting kid with tri-colored hair who lives down the block – LOL! This is really about database design!)

Read the lecture, watch the interactive lesson above, and/or review the text and then list and describe, in your own words, the different normal forms and provide an example for each. How does this concept of “normalization” relate to the other term mentioned above – data redundancy?

Think about what normalization is and what role it plays in the design of a database as you are responding to this topic.


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