Thesis writing

I am looking for a strong thesis writer who can jump in at the spare of the moment.  I had a tutor but the tutor stop responding to my communication in the middle of writing my thesis.  I need someone to pick up where the tutor left off.  There is 3 more weeks of assignments for this class.  I need someone who is an expert in writing and is able to write in APA style.  Whoever, is chosen, I will share the title of my thesis and the writings thus far. 


I need someone who is dependable and is willing to communicate with me at least 3 times a week. I need the remaining assignments to me on time.  I am already behind a week in assignments. 


If this describes you, please contact me. We have work to do. I am also willing to give a bonus monetary amount once the thesis is completed with a passing grade.  Each week, I’m willing to pay $50 for the assignment for the week.  This will be a total of $150 for the 3 weeks.  If the writing is great, you can earn more. 


If I chose you, I will send you everything you need to complete this assignment.  I have attached the syllabus for this class.  We are on week 7.




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