reading note (Canadian history)

please answer the following questions after reading the article by Allan Greer, “The Patriots and the People: The Rebellion of 1837 in Lower Canada”

  What is the author’s thesis or argument?

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reading note (Canadian history)
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  What are the main points by which the author attempts to prove the argument?

  What kind of evidence does the author use?

  How would you assess this reading (consider: the validity of the argument, the quality of the evidence, questions not answered)?







1. The essay should be 2.5 full pages of content

2. no cover page needed, no research needed

3. 12 font, times new roman, MLA style, 1.5 space

4. state the thesis statement at the first few sentences

5. please dont just summarize the article, and the summary should be done within 3~5 sentences

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