pyschology 345


Prospectus – Full Inclusion Ministry Paper Instructions




1. Brief description:


You will write a 10-page paper that synthesizes and applies the core concepts of this course in a real world setting.  Specifically, create a church (or you may use a real church as a model) and propose a full inclusion children’s ministry program that will meet the needs of one specific child who they also create.  Describe the church and current children’s ministry and then present a proposal that includes a scientific (i.e., research-based) and biblical rationale, and the resources needed to successfully implement the ministry.  In addition, identify a fictional child and describe that child’s disability (including current research in the area), church-family partnership opportunities for IEP/IFSP goals, and a long-term plan for the ministry.



3. Purpose:


The purpose of the prospectus paper is to improve your research and communication skills, while increasingyour knowledge of a specific content area of interest.  In addition, this will provide you with a creative way of synthesizing and applying core course concepts in a way that will deepen your understanding of the topic.




4. Details:


Specifically address a hypothetical child with special needs who is already active in the church’s children’s ministry programming.  You may select a disability that interests you or with which you feel called to work.  The prospectus must include the following:


1.      A brief overview of the church and current children’s ministry.


2.      A rationale (both biblical and scientific) for full inclusion, including a “mission statement” for a special needs ministry.


3.      A proposal of the key elements needed for a successful full inclusion program at the church (e.g., volunteers, training, adaptive materials, etc.).


4.      An introduction to the specific child and a research section detailing the specific disability (etiology, prevalence, characteristics, prognosis, current research in the field, social dynamics, etc.)


5.      A section specifically addressing how the church could partner with the family and other service professionals to meet four specific goals, including one spiritual development goal.


6.      A plan for growth in the area of special needs ministry in the coming year and 5 years down the road (please include 3 – 5 specific goals that are measurable and can be evaluated).



5. Format:


Title page, abstract page, at least 10full pages of content, and a reference page need to be included.  The project will be no less than 13pages when completed.  Additional creative graphics or tables that you find helpful may also be included (in addition to the 13pages).  This assignment must be formatted in American Psychological Association (APA) 6th ed. format and will have no less than 5 current, professional/scholarly resources in addition to the textbook and Bible.  The list of sources in the references must exactly match the sources cited in the text of the paper.




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