Prehistoric Africa

HIS/356     Prehistoric Africa

Write a 70 to 100 word short-answer response for the following: 8 Discussion


(1)    How was African internal migration affected by geographic features of the continent? Which geographic features posed the most challenges? Which posed the least? Why?

(2)   What are the common beliefs held by the traditional religions in Africa? Why do you think that these religions have common beliefs? While many traditional African beliefs are similar, some are significantly different, which ones are they and what are the significance of these different beliefs?

(3)   What are the major language groups in Africa? Describe the areas they inhabited. How are they alike? How are they different? Are there language speakers in Africa who are separated by large geographical areas? If so, why might these different groups share the same language?

(4)   As societies change from hunter-gatherers to agriculturalists different technologies and skills are required.  What are some technological changes developed or adopted in Africa to help societies move along the development continuum?

(5)   Africa is a very large continent that has given rise to many different cultures. What were some of the predominant African societies? How did they relate to other African cultures and societies?

(6)   Mamoudou Koyaté is a royal griot whose responsibility it is to recite the traditions of a particular royal line. How does that influence his interpretation of historical events?


(7)    Why does Kouyaté believe that the oral record is superior to written records?

(8)   Griots usually recite oral traditions before an audience. How can the context of the performance affect the content of the oral tradition?




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