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Assessment 2:PMBOK Case Study

Project Background: MAX Tech. is an Australian based IT training and certification company. They provide a range of classroom-based IT training and certification upon completion of the training. Training and certification are mostly focused towards working professionals, who attend these courses for skill-building.

MAX Tech. has good industrial relationship with many large companies and government organisations inAustralia. The demand for their IT training has recently been sky rocketed and given limited availability ofclass room space and trainer, MAX Tech. is failing to keep up with the increasing demand.In order to keep up with the heightened demand MAX Tech. decided to introduce online course andcertification process. In this the company can still provide good quality of training to the professionals andable to conduct online Test for the certification.

Project Objective – MAX Tech. appointed your team to outline the business processes and technologicalrequirements to create this online portal and offer IT Online Training & certification services to their clients.

Desired Outcomes:

•Understand the IT Training and certifications wing of MAX Tech. process flow and document solutionrequirement and the processes to implement Online Training and Certification wing (IT&CW).•IT&CW should only be available to MAX Tech. existing as well as new clients and partners.•Proposed solution should provide multiple virtual Classrooms designed with interactive Audio, Video &Chatting option.•Proposed solution should have separate Admin, Instructor and Client login/registration option.•Proposed solution should allow trainer/instructor to upload contents such as lecture slides, audio andvideo files.•Proposed solution should keep track of which user has completed which courses and saveintermediate steps in case the user session is interrupted.•Proposed solution should allow instructors to setup online tests and provide clients the ability to sit forthe test.•During each test the solution should keep track of timer and evaluate the test result and display marksto the clients.•Upon completion of successfultest the client should receive their certification over email.•Proposed solution should appropriately authenticate users (i.e. admin, trainer and client).•Proposed solution should provide billing provision to the client for their registered courses/tests.

Project Scope

1. Design of the system should ensure that the developed system can be scaled for future enhancementsand cloud solution if possible

2. Project documentation for the system process requirements

3. Proposed solution should integrate with existing organisation system.

4. Developed system should have Advance Data Security

5. System should have 24hr Uptime.

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