Organisational Assessment

1.      Organizational Assessment (for NURS 724 students ONLY)

Please kindly follow the Rubric to help me get an A. 

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Organisational Assessment
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Develop and design a final scholarly paperdescribing one specific national, local or regionally-based Minority Health or Cultural Competency focused organization. Final selection of organization is to be confirmed by instructor. My approved topic/organisation is National Black Nurses Association

 In other words I will be Assessing the National black Nurses Association

·        Gather as much information as possible about his/her organization by:

o   Planning a site visit to the organization’s headquarters or local/regional affiliate field offices, if feasible

o   Initiating an in-person, phone, or mail interview with the organizational leadership and staff, especially nursing (interviewing a regular member of the organization does not meet the requirements of this assignment)

o   Reviewing websites, newspaper articles, and scholarly papers regarding the organization 

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