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3-1: Develop a general systems flow chart that describes the process of filling a car with gasoline.  After “start” has as the first process “Arrive at Gas Station.”  Immediately before “stop” have as the last process “Leave Gas Station.”  (10 points)


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Joeman!!! Help!!!
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3-2: Using a general systems flow chart design a system for arrivals at an emergency room of a hospital. (10 points)


4-1:  You decide to invest $100,000 in a program that is guaranteed to grow by 2.5% for each of the next 5 years.  At the end of the 5 years, how much is your investment worth?  (5points)


4-2: What is the effective annual rate of an investment that pays 6% for 5 years, compound semiannually? (5 points)


4-3:  What is the present value of a single cash flow of $25,000 received at the end of 10 years, if we assume a discount rate of 5% annually?  With a discount rate of 7%?  (10 points) 

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