Introduction To Perception And Vision – Discussion

Read the introduction to Chapter 5 (6 in the 11th edition of the textbook) the first several sections of module 5.1:

General Principles of Perception

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Introduction To Perception And Vision – Discussion
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The Eye and Its Connections to the Brain

Visual Receptors: Rods and Cones

Study the anatomy of the eye and retina in figures 5.1 and 5.3 (6.1 and 6.3 in 11th edition) in your textbook.

Answer two the following questions and then reply to classmate to let them know you found their explanation helpful:

1. How does your brain code the information about what it has detected?

2. What anatomy causes the blindspot demonstrated in Figure 6.4 (also the first “Try it yourself” in chapter 6 coursemate)? Why don’t we usually notice it?

3. Compare rods and cones. Write about one similarity and two differences between rods and cones. When do you use rods? When do you use cones?

4. Compare foveal and peripheral vision: What are differences in what you can perceive with foveal vision and what you can see with peripheral vision? Describe the differences in the anatomy of the retina in the fovea versus the periphery that cause those differences?

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