Fundememtal Writing Assignment

 The written assignments are to be at least one page in length and no more than two pages for the narrative. The assignments must have a cover sheet, and a bibliography or reference page (these pages don’t count toward the one or two page narrative).  This assignment is to be generated using Microsoft word with 12 point font, one inch margins, double spacing and saved in rich text format. As with any writing assignment these assignments should include a topic introduction, body, and a conclusion. The use of headers and sub-headers is highly recommended.


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Fundememtal Writing Assignment
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The first paper , is asking students to research and discuss the issues concerning consensual encounters. The primary research question that must be answered is when is it appropriate for law enforcement officers to approach, converse, detain, search, and possibly arrest individuals that they encounter on the streets of our community. There are several landmark court cases that have dealt with the issues concerning this topic and it is very appropriate to discuss the precedence that has been set regarding this topic.  


Your papers should be interesting and you must cite all your research sources.




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