For a company of your choice, you are asked to present and discuss the following topics:…

We ask you to do the following: For a company of your choice, you are asked to present and discuss the following topics: i. Warehousing decisions, inventory management, and transportation; ii. ii. Forecasting, resource planning, and scheduling techniques; iii. Quality of operations. In case some of the activities are outsourced, discuss the reasons that led to such decisions, the benefits and risks associated with it, and how (if) the latter are mitigated through outsourcing making at the same time your own proposals. You are asked to critically discuss your answers/proposals with their impact on overall business strategy. To ensure maximum marks it is important that you argue your choices, backing these up with clear data or other sources. We would like to see evidence of research on the subject from your side and that you progressed beyond “what you simply know”. The word limit is 3000 words, and any word count more than 10% above this will result in lower marks. Appendices are allowed as extra words [for diagrams and illustrations]. Structure of the assignment: • Report format • Type in 12 size font, one and a half spaced • 1. Brief presentation of the chosen company 2. Evidence of extensive research 3. Logical and sound business argument 4. Provide in text referencing and reference list in Harvard format. Us cited references (not just textbook) 5. Limited to 3000 words (plus or minus 10%).


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