examines the institution of education. In the first section, the authors discuss how education in th

 examines the institution of education. In the first section, the authors discuss how education in the United States is a conservative institution because the goal of education is to preserve dominant culture, not transform it. Aside from just teaching basic disciplines, the educational system is a process whereby members of society are instructed to understand and support the American way of life. The avowed function of schools is to teach the attitudes, values, roles, specialties, information, skills, and training necessary for the maintenance of society. There is a lack of curriculum standardization across the nation’s school districts. a. This leads to a wide variation in the preparation of students. b. Because people move on average every five years, there is also a wide variation of requirements when a child moves from one school district to another. c. Many American students are not prepared to compete in a global economy. Educational performance is linked to socioeconomic background. 1. Achievement gaps in reading, writing, and math persist between minority and White students. 2. Minority students lag behind their White peers in graduation rates and most other measures of student performance. 3. Minority students have much higher dropout rates than Whites. Segregation 1. U.S. schools tend to be segregated by social class and race by neighborhood and within schools by ability grouping. 2. Racial and economic segregation is especially prevalent at the elementary school level but carries over to secondary schools. 3. At every level children tend to go to school with children like themselves in socioeconomic status and race. Possibilities for Promoting Equality of Opportunity A. Efforts must be made to promote equality of opportunity B. Provide Universal Preschool Programs C. Offer Free Education to All Students Who Qualify D. Set National Education Standards E. Reduce Funding Disparities across States and Districts F. Reduce Class and School Size G. Attract and Retain Excellent Teachers H. Extend the School Day and Year I. Hold Educators Accountable J. Reform the Educational Philosophy of Schools K. Restructure Society

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