DUE: 7/29/14 @ 3pm. est.

Management Case Study (Analysis section) DUE: 7/29/14 @ 3pm. est. for $10.00


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DUE: 7/29/14 @ 3pm. est.
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Analysis section of the Case Study

Please answer the following questions and place responses under each questions from the case study: Thanks!


1)       Identify the pertinent issues management addressed or needed to address.

2)      Is the organization’s strategy producing satisfactory results? Why or why not?

3)      Is it apparent that the organization doesn’t have a strategy? Why?

4)      What competitive forces does the organization face? How is it responding to these forces? If it isn’t responding and why?

5)      Is the organization being simply responsive or is it being proactive? Is it merely attempting to meet challenges or is it anticipating challenges and planning accordingly?


The Case Study (5pgs.) is attached.

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 Sources: Peer-reviewed scholarly articles 

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