cultural differences between United state and middle east

Introduction: One or two pages to introduce the issue, group, or problem you will be working on.


Brief literature review: What have others written about this group or issue? What will your analysis contribute to that discourse? Asking a librarian for help on finding any prior studies is highly recommended.


Methodology: A few pages describing your methodology. How did you find your group or your informants, or your issue? What method did you use to collect your information – participant observation, interviews, surveys?


Data presentation: page discussing the results of your observations-what people said, including pull quotes or excerpts from interviews or surveys.


Analysis: page explanation of the problem. Analyze how your observations compare and/or relate to the original problem, issue or group you studied.


Summary: a short conclusion wrapping up the overall experience, how it affected your perceptions of the subject, and what it added to our body of knowledge on the topic.

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