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Criteria for Research Project, Aspects of the Marketing Research Process that will be considered when deciding on the Subject for the Project:

· Should be able to translate a marketing problem into a feasible research question

· Should be able to appreciate marketing research as a process that involves a sequence of activities, each compatible with the preceding stage

· Should have a thorough understanding of the strength and weakness of alternative research design

· Should be aware of the many sources of marketing information and have some knowledge of the various means for gathering such information

· Should be more sensitive to the biases and limitations of marketing data and data analysis

· Should have a general understanding of data analysis techniques

· Should to be able to design and execute a research project

· Should have the ability to plan, develop and prepare a professional quality research project report

Action Plan for Research Project;

1; Identify a specific organization or topic area that might be the basis for a marketing research project. The process can start with online research, discussion with managers or consumers, or your observation in society or the marketplace.

· Research the Organization, prepare an in depth analysis of the organizations recent activities and potential areas of concern

· Select a specific topic area that could assist the organization with improves managerial decision making related to customer (client) satisfaction, product development, promotional message, media, donations, distribution or other behaviors.

· Prepare the components of a research proposal

2; Create a problem statement to communicate the main focus of the proposed research study.

3; Develop research objectives related to the specific topic area you will investigate. These objectives should prescribe the specific information needs of the study.

4; Make use of Secondary Research Data that relates to your research subject, this secondary data should be a basis for the direction your primary data needs to obtain.

5; Compose questions for Primary Research. Determine process, problem formulation, method of Inquiry.

6; The Research Project should be 10 pages, apa format,


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