Reflect on the analysis of the sin of suicide and thus, euthanasia from the topic readings. Do you agree? Why or why not? Refer to the lecture and topic readings in your response.

The gift of life is having eternal life from God, or Creator, Redeemer and King. To end one’s life is simply an act of denial of the gift from God.  Only God has the right to give or take away life. In reflecting on the analysis of suicide, according to the Christina belief, it is considered a sinful act therefore against Christian beliefs.  As noted in the topic reading by Meilaender (2013) “Christians have held that suicide is morally wrong because they have seen in it a contradiction of our nature as creatures, an unwillingness to receive life moment by moment from the hand of God without ever regarding it as simply “our” possession” (p.58).  

The bible mentions six men Abimelech (Judges 9:54), Saul (1 Sam 31:4) Saul’s armor-bearer (1 Sam 31:4-6), Ahithopel (2 Sam 17:23), Zimri (1 Kings 16:18), Judas (Matt 27:5) who committed suicide, five were noted of their wickedness, Samson’s knew his action would lead to his death, but his goal was to kill the philistines, not himself. As a Christian, I do not believe on either suicide or euthanasia.  I believe that life is a God given gift and should be treasured, respected and protected.  As for Euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide, in the same sense as suicide.  No one has the right to take one’s life or anyone else’s life.  Healthcare providers are exactly what it means, to provide the best possible care to our patients.  As noted in the topic reading, “we ought to always care, never to kill” (Meilaender, 2013, p. 65). 

Personally, it’s never an easy topic to talk about. At the age of 22, I decided that I wanted to end my life. I didn’t think there was anything worth living for, even though I had a 2 years old daughter. I came home one day and found out that my fiancée, father of my child is now married a year to another woman. My world ended for me. I had no friends or family, because he forbids me to keep in touch with either of the two. I went to the train station and I was ready to leap, when I remembered the story of Judas and the different stories of not seeing God’s face if I were to make such a decision. Suddenly I remembered and reached out to an old friend not knowing if the number was still working and to God be the glory it worked and until this day 20 years later he still has the same number. I thank God for keeping me alive today and I will always put my trust in him.


Meilaender, G. (2013). Bioethics: A primer for Christians (3rd ed.). Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans

     Publishing Co. ISBN-13: 9780802867704

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