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The Scientific Management movement occurred with theorist Frederick Winslow Taylor. Taylor’s philosophy focused on the belief that making people work hard as possible was not as efficient as utilizing how the work was performed. According to Leading and Management book the scientific management theory is “based on the idea that there is one best way accomplish a task” (Yoder-Wise, 2011). Scientific Management states that all humans are motivated by money and that there should be separation between management and workers (Lecture 1, n.d).  This leads to management making decisions without input from employees and employees just doing what they are told.  This was believed to be the best and most productive way to manage. 

I have worked as a hospice nurse case manager out on the field and it can be very challenging at times. One of the things I saw inefficient while working out on the field was the lack of communication between per diem, on-call staff, and the assigned nurse case manager. Unfortunately, there was a time when I worked for a hospice company that did not supply per diem staff with computers. This problem would make it very hard for the assigned case manager and the per diem staff. The per diem staff was unable to retrieve records of the client and the assigned case manager was unable to know what was addressed or done with the client during the visit. The per diem staff failed to leave nursing notes in the client’s chart making it difficult once again to know what was assessed at time of visit. The per diem staff also had difficulties knowing what medications the client was on because it was prohibited to leave a medication list at the client’s home and the per diem nurse didn’t have a computer. The hospice company failed to include the per diem staff for regular interdisciplinary meetings that would have helped address many nursing problems.

I have worked for a couple of different hospices and I see progress being made. Currently the hospice I work for incorporates mandatory interdisciplinary bi-weekly meetings with the staff. The interdisciplinary meetings give opportunity for the staff to bring forth ways to communicate more efficiently as a team. The email system is also used and all staff including per diem is included when addressing client concerns. The per diem staff has been given computers to be able to have access to the client’s information and allow the nurse to chart. This process makes it easier for the assigned nurse case manager to see what problem/s was addressed in the plan of care. Communication is essential in all type of work but extremely essential when you are out in the field.


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