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You will write an essay showing how two subjects are either similar or different (not both). If you compare subjects, show how they are similar. When contrasting them, show how they are different.

In a comparison/contrast paper, be sure to develop a thesis that includes words that signal comparisons, such as “although,” “even though,” “in spite of,” “except for,” “not withstanding,” or “but.” Also, use appropriate transitions to signal comparisons and link paragraphs within the body of your paper, such as “on the other hand,” “in contrast,” “similarly,” “also,” “both,” “even though,” and “in the same way.”

In order for two things to be worth comparing, the two things should initially appear to be different. In order for two things to be worth contrasting, the two things should initially appear to be similar.

Length: 4-5 paragraphs, 4-8 sentences per paragraph – vary sentence structure

Topics: Consider pairs of events, places, processes, objects, people, ideas, and so forth. Your instructor may assign your topic or give you a choice of topics.



Topics you could cover:

  1. Write about two people who have largely influenced your life. Did they influence you in a similar way? Were they similar in ages? Were they from the past or present?
  2. Methods of cooking.
  3. Forms of exercise
  4. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of being an entrepreneur


Tense: Be consistent in your use of verb tense. If you begin in past tense, continue in past tense.


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