c++ correction is to be made

see the changes to be made is


So first problem is that I cannot add more than 1 item to the shopping cart- thats a big problem

Because of this the major requirement is not met. At the end: The user should be able to display shopping list. The display should show the items by zone or location within the store. Also display should show the regular and sales price of the item as well as compute the total bill and total savings.

Basically, when you chose DISPLAY SHOPPING CART, you should be able to see

all items in the cart (at this point I cannot add more than 1 item) and they should sorted by category. An example:

Here is your contents of you shopping cart

Isle 1:                           price                 sale price

milk                                   10                    1


cottage cheese

Isle 2:



total price

total savings

Another problem is when you type lets say isle 2 for th location, it takes only first entry and skips the rest and skips other filds ( like it does not let me eneter regular price).

I should be able to enter string of words for items, and locations


Another problem is when you choose display items by category, it should not ask which

category you want to see, it should automatically display all categories and all items in those categories.

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