Business ethics is purported to be one of the most critical discourses in contemporary society…. 1 answer below »

Introduction • Background of the research. Why is your topic so relevant to business organizations today? Business ethics is purported to be one of the most critical discourses in contemporary society. The current world economy depends widely on the business. This implies that business organization have to practise certain behaviours that are recommended . The appropriate and positive behaviours towards business is what is referred to as business ethics. This particular literature review will, therefore, seek to establish the relationship of business ethics in the field of accounting . Accounting as a unitary discourse also requires business ethics for it to prosper. To overcome the potential issues that arise, then it will become pertinent to align business ethics ad accounting as discussed below. The relevance of the topic The research is extremely relevant globally. The modern economy relies heavily on accounting activities. The accounting activities will require certain ethics. Without appropriate ethics, the business is likely to fail. Accountants are key people in running the business. They are found in every institution, church, school, banks, companies, industries. They are the back born of the organizations, in the event that they engage in unethical behaviours the organization easily suffer massive loses and damages. Therefore, this research is important because it deals with contemporary issues that are within our environment. The critical literature review seeks to address a number of issues. As follow 1) The literature reviews seek to establish the potential challenges that are within the field of accounting. 2) The literature review seeks to describe the business ethics as a key solution 3) The literature review will then apply business ethics values in accounting to help solve the challenges 1. Body • Organize the information that you have found about your chosen topic. What were the key themes that have emerged from the existing literature? Over the past decades, Australia and other continents have witnessed a high level of scandals. Such much major scandal includes (Enron, Parmalat and WorldCom) . These scandals have, therefore emphasized the need for ethical behaviours, especially in the field of accounting. Various literature depicts a different perspective with regard to ethical behaviours. A number of scholars who ventured in this particular field express a number of ideas. Some of the literature ideas seem to convey the same message regarding ethical behaviours . Business ethics requires that individuals should possess the following attitudes and skills.

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