answer the following questions

please read the article in the attachment and answer the following question 


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answer the following questions
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1.     What are the main claims of the paper?

2.     What is the reasoning for each main claim?

3.     What evidence is provided?

4.     What warrants, if any, are provided for this evidence?

5.     What potential objections are anticipated?

6.     What limitations are recognized?

7.     Research Method

8.     Is the evidence provided appropriate for the claims?

9.     What did you get from the paper?

10.  What was best about it?

11.  What was the worst about it?

12. summarize  the article in two paragraph or so 


*The bold questions are very important.  

* (no outside references allowed) 

** answer all questions if aplicable

** minmum three pages  

** I need it in exactly 24 hr from now (no more) 

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