Aftercare coordination treatment strategies

PCN-481 Impact of Process Addictions Worksheet

You will complete the template below for each of the process addictions covered in Topics 2 through 7. Provide a response of 75 to 100 words for each field in the template. You must cite at least one scholarly resource for fields 1 through 7.

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Aftercare coordination treatment strategies
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Disorder: <Enter Disorder> 1. Physiological


2. Psychological impact:

3. Appropriate screening, assessment, and diagnosis issues:

4. Importance of screening for co- occurring disorders:

5. Appropriate treatment goals and interventions : 1/8/22, 7:11 PM Page 1 of 3



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6. Relapse prevention techniques:

7. Aftercare coordination treatment strategies:

8. Resources available in your community:

References 1/8/22, 7:11 PM Page 2 of 3 1/8/22, 7:11 PM Page 3 of 3

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