Welcome to the Module 2 session long project (SLP) for TUX 101. There are two parts of this assignment, but they may be turned in with one document.  The first part of the assignment is designed to gauge your current writing ability.  Make sure that you follow the directions below and give it your best effort. The second part is a reflection on writing.

Part I: Writing Assessment

The following writing assessment should take no more than 90 minutes.  Think through the topic and then determine your personal opinion, stance, or point of view on the issue.  A well-organized essay has a beginning, in which the writer states the main point (thesis); a middle, where the main point in supported using three or more supporting points; and a conclusion.  Before submitting, be sure to read through the essay and make any revisions, including those for correctness in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

In a well-organized, well-supported two-page essay, respond to ONE of the three prompts below.


•             What does it take to be a good parent?  In your essay, describe the characteristics of a good parent. 

•             What does it mean to be successful?  In your essay, describe the characteristics of “success.”

•             Why should one consider enlisting in the military today?  In your essay, be sure to identify specific reasons as support.


Part II: Writing Reflection


a.            What do you believe is the value of good writing skills?


b.            In what way will good writing skills benefit you after graduation?


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