10 pages essay

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10 pages essay
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Your first Essay, Research Literature Review, and Research Outline should all be put together as a start to your final research paper.

  1. Write a 10 page double-spaced paper in APA format.
  2. Upload a word document or PDF file. 
  3. Most of you are considering multiple career options. For the purposes of this paper, choose one potential career option or  your personal educational pathway challenges and opportunities. The goal is to choose one personally relevant topic to explore deeply. Any of the questions below can be used to help finalize your topic for your final paper. 
  4. Minimum 5 references


The topic is one potential future career

  • What majors and degrees are you considering that will lead you towards this career goal?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • How do you deal with failure or success?
  • Who will be your support system?
  • What will be your motivation?
  • What might you need to do in addition to earning a certificate/degree to prepare for your chosen career

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